Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Truth or lie?

Good Guy, Good Heart

Happy Birthday, Mr. D.!!!!
And many, MANY more......

A true Gentleman and a gentle man.

Sunday, June 28, 2009



Don't ask me why but, this was scheduled to post yesterday and didn't. WTF???
Sometimes I hate blogger! Obviously, I did everything right!!! LOL

Friday, June 26, 2009


Okay, I'm jumping on the bandwagon.....

There are going to be oodles of birthday posts for Mr. D. on his big day, so, I'm going to jump the gun.....

Since he's the "Big 5-0" he can now join AARP (American Association of Retired Persons).

However, here's MY (and Bobby's) version of AARP

Armed And Really Pissed

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Ultimate Gangster........

Gee, I wonder who I might be talking about??? Hmmmm, let me think.....

Certainly not Prince. If anything, he's a gangsta. Not to mention a paisley, poor, pathetic, pale, purple pipsqueak.

NO........I mean the next GODFATHER.
You guessed it.....

The God of Love.....

"Don Vinny"

I wish he was my Godfather........Better yet, my Sugar Daddy!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gay Paree!!!!

I'm ducking from all of the EuroVixens since I have no idea how to spell the title!

Anywho, here are the only pics that I found from Paris. Anyone find any more!!!



My Human Chocolate just keeps getting better!!

This may come as a surprise to you but, I kinda like VDO.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Recently, an ad against over fishing was published in Europe. Nothing extraordinary about it. Just a woman posing with a fish. Unfortunately, it was a NAKED woman with a DEAD fish. I still haven't figured out the correlation between a dead fish and a naked woman, but that's neither here nor there........

The woman was Greta Scacchi ( or however you spell it). Kudos for an almost 50 woman to have the guts to do it, but WHY? I personally don't wear fish scale clothing and I don't know anyone who does. This leads me to believe that she REALLY needs attention and is trying desperately to regain a career that mostly consisted of being in front of a camera with her clothes off. If it's a good cause than, why not pose with a fish on a plate and a fork in your hand? Shock has value but, it also has credibility. Besides, think of the effect that these things will have on others.........especially your children. I'm sure that they love you and say it's "okay" but, deep down, have you thought about the impact your actions may have on them? It's not always about you or trying to ressurect a career that was shaky at best. It does seem to be about how many times you can blame others for your troubles.

Show a little grace, Ms. S.

At one time you may have had to strip in order to get a role but, now you have to strip for an ad?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009



Lookie at what I found on "Thievebay"

Doesn't it piss you off what others do to the hard work of our fellow vixens?
At least they left the watermark.....

Monday, June 15, 2009

Google Alerts

Google Alerts??????

Is it me or, is the "Google Alert" feature a joke most of the time?

Over half the info that "they" flag is either outdated (i.e. his health from S4) or, some fucked up site that doesn't know shit about him (i.e. porn sites or people who just happen to type his name on a post).

Apparently, quantity is of higher value than quality.

Okay, off my soap box now........

Don't mess with the vixens and their guy!!!!
OR ELSE!!!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Oh, it's a beautiful Sunday morning.......

What should I do?????

I know, I'll pick strawberries for breakfast!!!!!

Oh God, I found a big juicy ripe berry!!! I think I'll eat it, yeah that's what I'll do.

Okay....... man, that was D'licious......mmmmmm, yummy.

Oh, here's another.......mmmmmm.......D'vine.

A third!! D'lectable!!!!!!

What's this?

There's a man in my (strawberry) bed!

I was so distracted by my strawberry patch that I failed to notice him at first........

WTF???? Am I blind??? How could I NOT see him???

"Sir, could you please help me with my straw? I'm groping......ahem, searching for BERRIES and I need a little assistance."

"That's right.......what was your name? Gavin, that's a good name for a handsome man like you."
( Giving him my best demure look)

"WOW, just look at the pair you have! WOW, and what a stem!!! Ah..... I mean the strawberries in your hand.
(looking down at my shuffling feet and batting my eyelashes)

If we pick enough , I'll ask him over for strawberry shortcake..........
Maybe strawberries and heavy cream........or whipped cream, whichever he prefers.

"Gavin, would you like to cum in and have some strawberries? Just look at them! They're beautiful, ripe, plump, not to Fuzzy...........Yeah, ahem, I'm talking about the berries. I like mine washed and ready to eat. To hold them, inspect them, relish in them......."

Believe me,

There's nothing "short" about THIS "beef" cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gavin, cum over and partake of my "berries". Be sure to bring lots of your "cream"......heh....heh....heh!!!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009


We've all had stupid questions asked of us...........I'm guilty of asking some!!!

I few characters are guilty, too!!!!!

Stupid #1

"Do you know what I can do with this thumb?"
Poor Santangelo.......cum here and show ME and I'll show you what I can do with my lips!!!!!

Stupid #2

"Sex is healthy, don't ya think?"
I, personally, can't think of anything healthier right now. Hmmmm..........................nope.
Now, stop talking and kiss me, you gorgeous thing, you!!!!!

Stupid #3

"Did you cum?"
No honey, do me again.............and again and again........until you get it right!!!!!

Stupid #4

"Do you want me to fuck your brains out?"
Oh, Elton, Elton....... ELTON!!!!! I told you to stop talking. Shut up and get back to "work".

Stupid #5

"Do you like to fuck?"
No sweetiepie, I LOVE to fuck.
Plus, my gratuitous nipple shot!!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Lame Game Part 3

If you thought my other attempts were bad ..............
Run away, NOW! Run very fast!

This time my targets are movie titles.

Remember, I warned you to run away.

The Salton Sea: Sweetwater Lake
The Red Sneakers: The Black Stilettos
Bark!: (you guessed it!) Woofy, Woofy, Grrr.......
Impostor: The Real Thingy, Baby!
Chelsea Walls: London Bridges
Steal This Movie: Buy the Book (you tightwad!)
Happy Accidents: Hilarious Boo-Boos
That Championship Season: 0 and 16
The Thirteenth Floor: The Twelveth Ceiling (get it? I posted a "lameness" warning. LOL)
Spanish Judges: Would you like refried or black beans?
The Velocity of Gary: Quickstop Harry
The Newton Boys: The Fuckme Girls
Guy: Hey, You!!!
Men in Black: Women in Red
Good Luck: Bad Juju
Feeling Minnesota: Groping ME!!!!! (after all, I do live here....)
The Winner: Loser, With a Capital "L"
The Whole Wide World: The Teeny Tiny Planet
Strange Days: Normal Evenings
Adventures in Babysitting: Just Another Boring Friday Night
Hotel Paradise: No-Tell Motel
Imaginary Crimes: Felonies That Aren't There
Mr. Wonderful: Mrs. Bitch
Household Saints: Holy Terrors
Being Human: Flora and Fauna
Salt on Our Skins (aka Desire): Pepper in Our Undies (aka Discomfort)
The Player: DVD or VHS?
Fires Within: Freezing Outside
Dying Young: The Octogenarian
Crooked Hearts: Straight Livers
Naked Tango: Clothing Optional Waltz
The Blood of Heroes: Wine and Women......Plus a Few Scars
Signs of Life: Hello, Any one There????
Mystic Pizza: Real Life Tamales

and finally..............

Full Metal Jacket:

are you ready???

Partial Liquid Bra.

Here's a treat for your suffering through this!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Never Enough Sunday Sex.....

Sundays, or ANY day for that matter, with HIM would never be long enough..... we know He'd be long enough, it's just that 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year isn't long enough.

For that matter, we don't care what HE looks like.


A disgruntled newspaper boy that hasn't been paid for a month. Plus, the bully down the block kicked the shit out of him and took his skateboard.

The cheesy (sleazy) guy at the strip club that wants a little more "bang" for his buck but won't pay.

NONE of my teachers ever looked like this. If they did, I'd be the oldest high school kid around! Oh, damn another "F". Please let me take the class again.......pretty, pretty please (with sugar on top) Of course I'M the sugar and I like to be on top!! tee hee.......

Okay, so HE'S a picky eater but, this is a little too dramatic just because HIS food is touching and HE doesn't like canned peas. "You cook tomorrow night, numb nuts. I slave all day opening cans and using the micro......and this is the thanks I get......geez!"

The cutest, whacked out, druggie asshole ever born. Not too mention a goatee that looks like my little "triangle" south of the belt line.....

I ain't Catholic but, I'd consider going to mass and "communing" with HIM.
I'm really perverted.....getting moist looking at a priest.....talk about going to HELL in a hand basket! (I'll take my chances)

Now THIS is a "gangsta"

"Excuse sir, would you mind getting me a bucket of ice to go along with a shot of yourself?"

"Come here sweetie, I'll use the braille method to adjust your "knobs"

"Fucking dry cleaners, they still didn't get that stain out of my tie! The hell with 'em. I'm going to wash it myself. I washed this suit and shirt, I can certainly wash my tie.!"

Am I the only person who NEVER thought about using the words: hunky, handsome, FOT and wet in the same sentence with "Orson Welles"?

"I said poured and no nuts...........NOT powered donuts! I just had a little "talk" with the delivery man. He better have good health insurance. Now, once more, I want my ice cream slightly melted and P-O-U-R-E-D into the cone........and NO NUTS!"

There's no such thing as too much sex, period.
Have a happy, hot, moist, stiff Sunday!!!!!!!

Thanks for the B-day wishes! I missed all of you!
Welcome to the new visitors!!!!!

Hugs to team13, VoV and Life and Vincent for the hard work. You folks rock!! HUGS........