Sunday, November 30, 2008


In my humble opinion...........
You'd have to be DEAD or a
to NOT want to be kissed by D'Mayun!!!!!!!!!!

And yes, I know I included a couple of "those" pictures (I'm sure you know which ones I'm talking about), but DAMN the two of them sure could kiss!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The perfect Saturday night...

This is all I need!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Damn I'm tired of counting ceiling tiles. There's got to be something I can do.

I got it.....
Who wants some weed?

Damn, this is some mellow shit. I feel very relaxed.
Really, this Vixen walks up to me and asks if I know that there's all these sites dedicated to me. Can you believe the list is THIS long? Shit, it's almost as long as I am.
Like wow man, look at these funky swirly things and all these pretty colors!
My hair is even fucked. I like it, man!!!
These thingys make really purty sounds. They tinkle......hehehehe.....did ya hear what I said??? "Tinkle"! hehehehe
Damn, I got the munchies, perogies sound good, and sugar water.
This roach is better than the other...
Put extra pepperoni and 'shrooms on that bad boy.
"'Shrooms, rhymes with brooms, hehehehe"
Where ARE these vixens, anyways. After some good geef, beer and pizza, I'm ready for a roll in the hay. I don't know if I can get off this damn stool.
Fuck it, I want another pizza and another toke.......hey, who's got it, pass it around will ya?!?!

Monday, November 24, 2008

"Why do men always want to run the remote? As soon as he screws up the tv, he'll come running to me and want ME to fix it AGAIN. I'll just sit here and bite my tongue~~~~~~~~~"

"Don't mind my partner, he likes to play 'I'm a Little Teapot.' Okay, big guy, recess is over. Time to get back to MCS."

"Eames, I know you said NOT to, but I did anyways."
"Bobby, for a genius, you sure can be a fucking idiot. Once more, you CANNOT put your PEN in the electrical PENCIL sharpener and NOT break the God damn thing. Got it????"

"Eames, you've got little red lights around you...."

"Ha, he thinks the "vixens" are a group of female foxes! I know who they are. They're a group that are wishing they were me. They have NO idea how much it takes for ME to make YOU look so good."
"Wipe that smug-ass grin off your face Eames. I hate when you know something I don't."

"Bobby, you HAVE to stop littering. If it's not me, then someone else is picking up after you. So, knock it off."

"I'm NOT gonna smile first. I'm NOT."
"I can hold out forever. He always loses at this. He's so fucking easy. I'll just fart and he'll lose it."
"Oh shit.......don't smile.....don't smile......Dammit she's gonna win!"

"Stop playing pocket pool and get your hands out of your pockets, Bobby."
"For the last time Eames, adjusting myself IS NOT playing pocket pool."
"Yes it is."
"No it isn't"
"Bobby, do you WANT me to ADJUST you once and for all?"


I want him to hug me like that!

The elusive PYTHON

Mister, I need to snuggle....

First time a ever wanted to be a cat......I'd NEVER stop purring in HIS lap!!
Yup, right there. Right behind my ear.

Don't stop, keep going.....

Psst.......I got a secret, come closer.....closer.....closer.....sluuuurp!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


No words are necessary.......

We all know what we want to do with it!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Since deer hunting season starts today.....

I thought we'd see our "dear"

Play with his guns.....

I'll be out of town for a few days so, I made a couple of posts ahead of time. Enjoy Vixen Gang and be safe.

Friday, November 21, 2008



Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'M WEIRD......

I fully admit it, I'm weird.......

Seeing Vincent without a t-shirt.....

.......Just one shirt........

separating his skin from the rest of the world.....

makes me melt.

He just keeps looking better and better.
Seeing him sweaty makes ME sweaty.
Seeing him WET, makes me.......well, you get the picture!!

Special thanks to VoV and the other sites that I got the images from, kisses to all!