Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

I'm re-posting this to get back into the Halloween spirit after the "cluster fuck" at USA.

"I vant to drink your blood......"

Where do you want me to start sucking?

I said, "No candy corn! I hate candy corn!"

Oh.... those eyes....

the only thing better then those eyes.....

is the whole package...


The Vinny version of Mr. Potato Head

The patented VDO look.
He needs TWO hands for his big guns........I can be his "supporter"

Curls and a sneer, a vixen can't ask for anything more.

He can chase me (around the bed) anytime......I promise to let him catch me..

Nothing like a roach in the house! Now, do I smoke him out or, smoke him???? Hmmmm.........the choices one has to make.

We ALL know how spooky Pvt Pyle is.....And how sexy tidy whities can be.

Who'd a thunk a hunk could make a "head" look so good? I love his head....

Why do these last two pictures make me think of jack-o-lanterns!?!?

!!!Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This is what I feel like without our Bobby being on next week.


WHAT THE HELL.........

Does the right hand at USA know what the left hand is doing????


We need an are TPTB going to "tap dance" around this?

edited at 2:53 pm

Just went to the USA board, it's official........2009.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Weird thought for the day.....

Would Bobby be a good gynecologist?????

Friday, October 24, 2008

That smile........

It's raining, cold and windy today.

So, I thought I'd make my own sunshine.

I want to be his toothbrush......

Need I say more.........????


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I wanna sit on Santa's lap............

I wanna grab him by his curls and beard and HANG ON........

I wanna snuggle with him..........

Who gives a damn about presents when ya got Santa to play with???!!!...............

edited to add: I know it's waaayyyyy early to be thinking about Christmas but, I thought I better get ahead of some of you other vixens. I know the line will be really, really long to sit on THIS Santa's lap!!
I wanted to use a different photo where he really looks like Santa but, "said" photo has bad "vibes". (everyone know which pix I'm talking about????.....scroll down.... You should see some of the emails I got about my opinions from "moderators" of a certain board about privacy and bashing.)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Another vixen question..........

Is there ANYTHING that Ms. Erbe CAN'T do?????

I've been naughty and visiting the LOCI message board (you know, it's kind of like a car crash that you just have to keep looking at no matter how gruesome.......... the message board in particular!LOL)

Anywho......... she sings, does theater, appeared in "OZ", writes and last of all, works and hangs with our beloved man. Not sure if I should hate her or love her.!!!! (I definitely admire and envy her).

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm a bitch

It's official, I'm a bitch!!!! And, omg.......I'm a troll, too!!!!!LOL

It's seems that I disagreed with some people on a certain site about a certain picture that was snuck by a "photographer". The said "photographer" claims that VDO gave him the "evil eye" and LOOKS SINISTER in said picture..................

I see a man that's chatting with a couple of people on the set of LOCI. He looks a little tired, but SINISTER??? WTF????

I said that maybe, between being involved with the last presidential debate, the DW ceremony, a baby, a young son, the stress of a possible strike, putting up with people sneaking pictures and having a life (HOW DARE HE), that maybe, just maybe, he's TIRED...........

I disagreed about the weight and smoking issue, too. Can't people just let him have a life??? I know that I'd be in jail or court for decking someone that intrudes in my personal life/space. He puts up with it DAILY. That's being a SAINT, imho......not sinster.

Another issue that I disagree with is that VDO looks "terribly" old. I'm sure that the people making this an issue are gray hair, no wrinkles, no weight problems..........absolutely perfect people. If you're a fan of someone's work, you're a fan (not a person sitting in a little bubble thinking that you are God's gift to the world and judging others). Respect his work, appreciate him and be thankful that he shares his talent with us.

Someday, if I should ever be blessed with seeing him, I'd ASK for a picture. (Of course that would be after regaining conciousness and my voice!) AND, if what I hear about his kindness and graciousness is true, he just might take a picture WITH me!!!! I'll post it and I'll be easy to spot......I'll be wearing the "deer in the headlights" look!!!!!!!!!

NOW, THIS is sinister.........

Thursday, October 16, 2008


It's official

I'm in need of intervention!!

Also, (I'm nosy).........what's going on with the German site???

(Jazzy just filled me in........get a grip, assholes. Everyone has the right to admire whoever they want to.)

I don't care who visits my site or leaves comments (as long as they are respectful of VDO and each other.) I'm honored if gay, straight or bi like my posts. I'm sure that Mr. D'Onofrio knows that he has fans from all around the world, from all walks of life and of all sexual orientations. He seems to be an understanding and kind man and, we as true fans, should be the same.

So, tell those who have been booted off of other sites to join those of us that appreciate Mr. D'Onofrio and his work, that they are welcome to my site, team 13, VoV, thereel, and others who don't care what is or isn't between your legs. IMHO, it's your heart that counts. (I personally got my ass chewed on the CI Message Board for having a differing opinion about his weight and smoking habit.. I said that as long as he's happy and content that everyone should get off his back. I guess I'm NOT a health nut like the others. Excuuuusssseeee me for not being perfect like they are!!)

Apparently, we have to ignore the assholes that are still living in the 18th century with their heads up their asses........

Can you image them sitting around with their fingers in their ears saying, "la la la la la" when "The Kinks" song "Lola" is on the radio????!!!!!!

Okay, I'm off my soapbox now.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No words are necessary

(wiping drool off the keyboard)

Just farting around

Here's my first attempt at pictures and text. Very lame on my part, but not on Vinny's. God I love him!!LOL

I swear, it really is this big, honest!

Hey there, little girl.....

I want YOU...........NOW!!!!!!!

Is this where Prince got his idea from???

I may look like an angel........but my vixens
know better......hehehe

Just need to mess around with the blog. My learning curve is going to be questionable.LOL

Bear with me VDO people........

Monday, October 13, 2008

Kudos to team 13

Just wanted to give a shout out to team 13 and VoV for all the great caps and work that they do on their blogs (and to jeanettesattic for all the hard work that she must do taking credit and selling VDO pix on ebay).
I'm proud to announce that I just bid and won (free) the team 13 auction (free) of a group of VDO pix (free). Their auctions of VDO pix are very reasonable (free) along with s&h (free). I'm a returning customer and have nothing to say (free) but good things about their items (free). I highly recommend them. A+++++ My only reservation about them is that they don't seem to give "jeanettesattic" the credit she deserves. The time and effort of acquiring pix and putting them on cds must require countless hours. I mean, surfing the net IS HARD WORK! All that left and right clicking, along with naming new files, is exhausting. Don't even get me started on downloading and uploading pix and files......we're talking HOURS of work. Taking all those pix must be incredibly tough. Lots of traveling, film, time........oh, the work (puts back of hand to forehead to wipe away sweat).

Hey, team 13 and VoV, please let me know when you plan on more auctions (free). I've added you to my favorites list (free).

Feel free to contact me for any sarcasm is free.........

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Hey VDO lovers, I'm back!

Now, here's today's big important question for all the vixens out there..............

I've been noticing on ebay the Carly Simon cd "Moonlight Serenade". One of the guitar players listed is Vincent D'Onofrio. Is it OUR VDO??? I know he plays guitar, but has he played professionally and done recordings? If so, that's just one more reason to love him. Good use of his hands, too!!!LOL

Now, what's with USA moving LOCI to Friday nights? Damn it, are they TRYING to kill it? I swear they're trying their damnedest to sabotage it.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Going to be gone until Oct. 11th. So in the mean time, be sure to keep your eyes on "thereel", "VoV", "team 13","Valentine Cat" and "Criminal Intent Message Board" for updates and news. These blogs are GREAT. Some day I hope to be talented enough to get this blog to look like theirs. Just gotta keep practising and working at making slideshows and all that kind of stuff!

The BIG countdown continues. Only a month until new episodes!!!! I see that "Valentine" has it down to the second!LOL

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Greta's Pity Party

ENOUGH ALREADY.................WTF!!!

Okay, I couldn't sleep and was cruising the LOCI Message Board and found the topic of Greta blaming Vincent for all of her hardships and traumas. Sounds like she's generating publicity for herself and projects that will soon be forthcoming. Sounds like she needs an excuse and a scapegoat in case her acting isn't up to snuff.

How can she blame him for everything? He ain't perfect, but he's not dragging HER name through the mud. Have a little more class lady......think about your husband, your daughter, her siblings and HER father, all being tabloid fodder because you're having a pity party. Sounds like two immature, insecure actors got together and than their egos got the best of them. Please keep your dirty laundry to yourself. You're happy, Vincent's happy.......get over it and get on with your life.........or are you jealous because HE did and YOU CAN'T?????